Timber Retrofit Double Glazing

Retrofitting of Double glazed windows throughout the Wairarapa region

Timber has long been a preferred material for window joinery, boasting not only aesthetic appeal but also notable durability, especially in homes constructed with hard woods such as Rimu from the early 1900s. These woods, known for their longevity, prove ideal for retrofit double glazing due to their sturdy frames.

The Process:

Our approach to timber retrofit double glazing centers on preserving the integrity and character of your home. Here's a breakdown of our process:

  1. Assessment: We begin by evaluating your timber window frames for any signs of wear, rot, or damage.
  2. Removal and Replacement: If your window system uses sash frames, our team removes the existing glass and replaces it with our factory-sealed double glazing unit. Note that for directly glazed frames, removal doesn't occur.
  3. Modification: To accommodate the new double glazed unit, we modify your existing timber sashes by routing and expanding the glazing rebate.
  4. Timber Restoration: If there's irrepairable rot in the sashes, we replace them after consulting with you.
  5. Dry Glaze RetroFit System: This entails using new timber beads for holding the double glazing unit, which offers superior performance over traditional methods like putty.
  6. Sealing and Protection: Draft seals may be added to ensure no unwanted airflow, while exposed timber surfaces are primed. However, post-retrofit, it's crucial to repaint the windows to ensure their longevity.
The vintage style living room is decorated with brown-orange leather sofas 3D render. The rooms have wooden floors and gray walls, with white windows offering natural views.

With our blend of industry expertise and commitment to quality, we provide solutions that enhance comfort and value.

Why Choose Timber Retrofit Double Glazing?

Opting for timber retrofit double glazing with Carterton Glass ensures:

  • A home that stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Reduced condensation, fostering a drier living environment.
  • Significant noise reduction for a more peaceful abode.
  • Enhanced security and safety features.
  • An uptick in home resale value.
  • Improved privacy and thermal efficiency.

Moreover, timber naturally insulates due to its cellular structure's air pockets, effectively combating temperature extremes. By retrofitting, homeowners can reap the benefits of modern insulation while preserving their home's authentic charm.

Beautiful house in Auckland, New Zealand.
Retrofit Double Glazing Windows in the wairarapa

For those considering an upgrade to double glazed windows or seeking expert insights on retrofitting, Carterton Glass stands ready to assist. With our blend of industry expertise and commitment to quality, we provide solutions that enhance comfort and value.

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